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"What if our religion was each other,
If our practice was our life,
if prayer our words?
What if the temple was the Earth,
if forests were our church,
if holy waters—the rivers, lakes, and oceans.
What if meditation was our relationships,
if the teacher was life,
if wisdom was self-knowledge,
if love was the center of our being."

— Ganga White (via fernsandmoss)

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"Focusing on gratitude is a necessary aspect of remembering who I am and connecting to All that is around me. It reminds me of the beauty and magic that exists and how I am a divine part of all of it. When we are great-FULL we open ourselves to Seeing the light in everything. It is a recognition and an acknowledgement that we are FULL and abundant. In that space we step into the dance of giving and receiving! I receive the beauty of the rose, I am grateful for that divine offering in nature and it reminds me of my own divinity and beauty. When I am Filled in that way I can then reflect that divinity, giving all I have to offer. The cycle then continues. Empty, I am open to See… I Receive and am great-FULL, and then the giveaway comes again. The illusion of separation fades and we become one with the ALL."

— xx Baelyn (via theloversblog)

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"Everyone should have themselves regularly overwhelmed by Nature."

— George Harrison (via anunseenworld)

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Waking up to the tide coming into our own private cove #saltlife #lushlife #sparklingsea

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Venice Ale House after taking a late night swim for the full moon @____amp @ameliaswaggert @bellamarieadams

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